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“Anchor’s history is earmarked with moments when we took leaps to chart new territory in the craft beer space. As we celebrate our 125th anniversary, we’re looking ahead to the next 125 years with a commitment to innovation, while retaining the heritage recipes that are the heart of the brand,”

Tom Riley - Brewmaster

Fresh Fills

Our past is storied, but our story isn’t finished. Forged in San Francisco in 1896 and looking ahead to our next 125 years. Experience the next wave of Anchor innovation.

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Created by our Pilot Brewer, Dane Volek at Anchor Public Taps, these beers allow us to be innovative and bring fresh new beer ideas directly to you!

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Meet our newest additions to the Anchor portfolio!

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Anchor Public Taps

495 De Haro St.
San Franicsco, Ca

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Wednesday-Saturday 12pm - 9pm
Sunday 12pm-8pm

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